Seo for Beginners

A free guide to search engine optimisation

What is seo?

If your are a newbie and have heard the phrase seo, then let me help you a little and explain what is it all about.

SEO is the shortened phrase for search engine optimisation.

This is a process that is used to make a site optimised for search engines Such as google, Aol, Yahoo and so on.


Why do you need to use seo?

One thing any site needs, regardless of it's purpose, is traffic. You need people to visit your website.

You can use many ways of getting traffic to your site, but by far the best one is the free one. If you learn search engine optimisation and optimize all your pages you can get free traffic to your website.

Organic search engine traffic is where you naturally rank high on search engines for your chosen keywords, this is what it is all about and what you should aim for.

How SEO has changed

In the last 18 months there has been a revolution in Search Engine Optimisation. If you are reading this it’s possible your site has been left behind, you’ve been slapped with a Google penalty or have a new site to build.  Putting your best SEO foot forward means out with the old and in with the new.

2012 caught many webmasters and even SEO’s off guard. Poor quality content and unnatural link profiles saw many sites slip down the rankings or removed from Google’s index altogether. Google’s made it clear it wants to see natural looking SEO efforts.  The question then becomes what does this mean exactly?

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