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SEO Lesson 1

Choose your keywords

Before you start your seo campaign you need to decide which keywords you want to achieve high search engine ranking with.

Research is vital, you must make sure the keywords you want to rank high with are going to be used by searchers.


If you are targeting the wrong keywords then your campaign is dead before it has started. You will get no visitors and no earnings.

Build your keyword list

Your keyword list will contain around 10-20 keywords someone will use when searching for your niche.

For example: if your website is about 'earning money for free', you will need to research all the possible keywords and key phrases people use when looking for information on 'earning money for free'.

Brainstorm all the words you think a customer would type into their search box when trying to find your website. Think of phrases that are targeted to your niche. Avoid generic terms like 'money' or 'earn'. These words are difficult to rank for and won't drive quality, targeted traffic to your site. Think about words that are relevant, but not overly used. If you need help brainstorming why not ask family or friends, you maybe too close to the niche to think outside the box. You can also have a cheeky peek at your competitors meta tags to get some ideas.

Don't be over enthusiastic about going in for the highly competitive keywords, stick to what you can dominate. Gaining high search engine ranking for competitive keywords is tricky, even more for beginners. Stick to realistic goals.

You now have your list of keywords you want high ranking with, what next?

On to lesson 2 for the plan of attack!

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