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SEO Lesson 2

Choosing your domain name

A good search engine ranking can be achieved without a great domain url but there is no harm trying to tick all the boxes.


There is nothing set in stone as regards the impact a domain name on search engine ranking so the below is from my own personal opinion and my own testing.

Keyword domain v Brand domain

These are the two things i primarily take into consideration when deciding the domain name for a website.

Example of a keyword domain name:

Example of branded domain name:

Deciding which to go for will purely depend on the nature of your website.

If the website is reflecting your company, you might want to go for the brand option and have your company name as your domain. When choosing this option you need to think ahead about your marketing, make sure the name is catchy and easy to remember.


You might want to go down the keyword domain name route if you sell specific items or you provide an information service. Take for example this website you are reading, What does it provide? seo help for beginners, therefore the domain name used: is very appropriate. It tells my visitors what the site is about.

The domain you want will not necessarily be the one you will get, it might not be available. If you are opting for a keyword enriched name try using a hyphen in between the keywords, a hyphen is classed as a space.

Tip: Don't have anymore than 3 words in your domain, it will be hard for visitors to remember you.

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