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This is the most important lesson of them all.

Google loves content, it's spiders cannot read images or flash so you must make sure your website has lots of lovely content. This will get you far.

Keyword density

When a google crawler accesses your website, it tries to determine what your pages are about. What it finds on your pages will help the crawlers to determine where you should rank in search engines. These crawlers are very clever, they know if your spamming, so don't try it.


Your keywords should be mentioned in your page title, your headers and then scattered lightly through your content.

Aim for a keyword density of between 3-5%.

If you have been following these lessons consecutively, can you see how important lesson 1 (keyword research) was?

Always check your spelling! This is something i openly admit to sometimes failing on. I type so fast and with such enthusiasm that i overlook detail. This is something that can make me look unprofessional and could put my readers off. They may be more interested in the silly spelling mistakes i have made rather than the good things i have to say. So a note to both myself and you, slow down and proof read.

Content and links are important for blogs and websites. Lesson 5 is all about links.

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